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Summer Activities in Spanish

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

Dear Readers,

I’m so excited to have a new team member working on new fall activities for our locations! We are working on incorporating more Science and Math, while using the Gym locations to make our program more interactive, combining Spanish and exercise: our new Mueve Program ©!

Children will be invited to sing, dance and play games using soccer, dodge ball, monkey in the middle, hide and seek, shark and  minos and other games all in Spanish!

I know some parents have been asking for activities to bring Summer and Spanish together! We have posted some on our FB page, but I wanted to share some of my favorites here:

1) Numbers- Please make sure you had exposed the child to numbers before, taught them and this activity will bring all the joy of counting alive! Buy an oversized bubble container, blow bubbles as the child pops them and counts in Spanish! Great outdoor activity!

2) Summer vocabulary- You can use a few words to start: Pelota de Playa ( beach ball), Castillo de arena ( sand castle), Toalla (towell), Gafas de sol ( sun glasses), Palo ( bucket), Oceano (ocean) and buy a small set of sand toys, which represent some of the words above ( Target has them), buy moon sand if you don’t have a sand box or can’t do it at the beach! Have the child play and make different things as you teach vocabulary.

3)Colors-Every summer we do a different water color project at our camps, this year we used a colorful parrot. They used fingerpainting as they were painting with primary colors and telling us the colors in Spanish, they also mixed the colors while doing it, so we had a chance to go over combinations as well. Here is a list of colors you can use:

  • amarillo — yellow
  • anaranjado — orange
  • azul — blue
  • blanco — white
  • dorado — golden
  • gris — gray
  • marrón — brown
  • negro — black
  • púrpura/morado — purple
  • rojo — red
  • rosado — pink
  • verde — green

We hope you have enjoyed our activities and to see you soon checking out our news!

Claudia Krusch

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