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Shapes, Technology and Body Parts

Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

Dear Readers,

We decided to do our technology unit using robots, gadgets and more! I’m so excited, because I am a tech person! We are starting the vocab this week with shapes which were described on the last post and following with robot week! We will build a robot! using shapes and body parts vocabulary to make the robot!

I have decided to use, construction paper, aluminum foil, paint and elmer’s glue on a tissue paper roll to make our robots! Can’t wait to see how cool they will turn out!

Body parts used to build our robot are: cara- face, nariz – nose, boca-mouth, brazos- arms, piernas – legs, ojos- eyes, cabeza- head – vocabulary listed in Spanish!

Try the craft at home and share how much fun you had with your child!


Claudia Krusch

Easylearn Languages

Shapes and technology

Friday, February 17th, 2012

Dear Readers,

I was looking for a fun new way to bring shapes to our classrooms and I was hit by a technology wave when I looked at a robot made out of tissue roll tube….I decided he would be the centerpiece of our class!

We start by learning shapes, then selecting shapes which will go on our robot, we will paint and glue shapes on our robot and place arms and the antenna is a glued toothpick. Can’t wait to see all the amazing robots!

Then we will use a scale I have and balance shapes, telling what shapes, colors and which side is higher and lower for the more advanced classes!

A Larger scale picture of the robot placed on the wall will serve as background while children take turns finishing that robot with shapes for body parts!!

Classes are perfect for children 4 and older!  I can’t wait to start!

If you are planning on doing some of those activities at home, here is a list of Spanish shapes: circulo, rectangulo, cuadrado, triangulo, estrella, rombo!


Claudia Krusch

EasyLearn Languages


Teaching for me is not a job it is a gift of love!

Tuesday, February 14th, 2012

Dear Readers,

Thinking about a new post for Valentine’s day, I decided to share something amazing that happened to me yesterday! I had my usual busy schedule, taught 5 classes during the day, but since the first one, my students, boys and girls, noticed my outfit, my bracelet, my earrings and complimented me….it made me think how children, starting age of 3 were being influenced by me….how much we take for granted when we, teachers, get dressed to bring knowledge to the little ones, we seldom think how much our overall presence and acts affect them!

When a 3 year old says: Ms Claudia, your earrings are beautiful! Another two girls asked me to lend them my bracelet and proudly shared them during the class…..that really touched my heart because all the effort and style or lack of…LOL I try to bring to the classroom, from my hair to my shoes, really does influence and puts a strong mark on my work, which opens the door to bring a rich foreign language experience to the little ones!

Yesterday’s experience made me think about something much deeper than just cutting papers and preparing for a class, but how much love I put in getting ready for a class, from the moment I get dressed to the moment I finish it!

This Valentine’s day I wanted to share my AHA moment, when I finally understood, teaching for me is not a job, it is an act of love and best of it: I receive a lot more love than I give and that is very gratifying!!!!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Activities in Portuguese

Tuesday, February 7th, 2012

Dear Members,

I thought a lot before offering Valentine’s classes in Portuguese because Brazilian people don’t celebrate it! I decided to bring the theme and incorporate some ideas used in the Spanish class, so they would still learn the vocabulary without meaning less translations. I created a math worksheet with hearts, they learn the word heart, coração and had to add the hearts on the page, children 3 and under just had to look, count on fingers and give me the answer in Portuguese, I also made large heart inside a card and they would draw the family in it; we also  used hearts I cut out and we did the math on the rug. I also used the song beijo, Ivete San Galo to talk about Valentine words… played a tic tac toe with pictures cut where they would have to use thier piece to try to win I used pictures of hearts- coração, cupid – cupido, chocolate- chocolate, baloons-balão I explained in Brazil, Valentine’s Day is in June and it’s called the boyfriend/girlfriend’s day, it’s not for friends, but for people who are inlove, married, in a relationship.

I also used the song I love you, you love me from Barney with ages 3-5, another hit!

They loved the activities and learned Portuguese! Até a próxima!

Abraços, Claudia Krusch EasyLearn Languages CEO

Valentine’s Activities in Spanish

Monday, February 6th, 2012

Dear readers,

This is a topic which I love, but I never find good ideas or nice materials to teach a great Valentine’s class or Spanish Classes in February! So this year, I decided to

innovate and I created Spanish and Portuguese classes with the Valentine Day topic which not only teach the vocabulary of a day which is celebrated in some Spanish speaking countries but also teach children to share and show friendship! Enjoy!

Today I will share my ideas for Spanish:

1) Children ages 3-5 will hold on a portion of a large tablecloth, making a sort of parachute and place a light pink ball in the middle, la pelota de la amistad! When the ball pops up, they will shout amigo, when stays on/around the tablecloth, they will shout pasa…pasa! children love to move the ball around!

2) Children will pass a soft ball, and say Pasa, pasa, pasa mi amigo! The teacher will stop and say Amigo randomly and the child who has the ball will share it with a friend in the circle….teaches them how to share and how to be nice to friends. Songs are originals composed and written by me. Email me for words and tune.

3) I also show the snoopy San Valentin cartoon which is cute:

4) We made a San Valentin card which they colored and cut. I don’t have a template to upload to the blog but you can easily make a card and have them color it.

5) Lucky charms craft- I used the marshmallow hearts on lucky charms box and they glued to a heart shape. They loved doing it! You can use paper heart or stickers as well.

6) Valentine’s Tic tac toe – regular template with hearts printed on card stock as pieces, white and red.

I hope you enjoy my activities! Try some of them with your little ones!

Saludos Amigos,

Claudia Krusch

EasyLearn Languages CEO

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