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Mardi Gras activities! It’s Carnaval!

Monday, January 28th, 2013

     Carnival is approaching and I wanted to share some activities we will be sharing in some activities, some suggestion on games and videos! Enjoy!

Carnival is celebrated in some countries in South America, Europe and New Orleans in the US! I usually don’t share it in all the classes, but some of my intermediate and older children classes!

This year Carnival or Mardi Gras will start on the 9th in some countries and end on the Ash Wednesday, Feb 13th. So in two weeks, we will sharing some of the fun activities and bringing the beads and masks to our classes!

So let’s share some options for crafts:

Masks- We will be using templates for masks and I will bring beads and stickers and glitter to make the masks! I cut the masks myself on cardstock and punch holes for the two parts to tie in the back.

Here is a link for a Free printable template, but I design and cut my own and will be sharing some pics of the student’s work later after we do it!


mardi gras



We will make our own confetti, I will bring construction paper and classes of children 6 and older will use templates of shapes, while learning shapes, make their own confetti, review colors and trade them to make a confetti rain at the end!


We will be making necklaces with beads and other materials, using different colors and ideas, I can’t wait to see their creations!


Some music:

We will be listening to Spanish Music, Rick Martin and doing a Spanish dance, Brazilian Music in the Portuguese class with Yvette San Galo! Here are the videos for the songs we will be singing in class:

We will also teach older children children the history of Carnival which started in Venice and how it survives in countries like Brazil, being a part of the country’s culture as a major component to their identity! I spent most of my life enjoying Carnival in Brazil and spent one in Venice, Italy, so I always look forward to finding a new way to share that with my students!

Teaching a foreign language is a lot more than just vocabulary and grammar, it is about connecting the passion behind the language!

Viva Carnaval!

Winter Classes – Clothing

Monday, January 21st, 2013

We have explored winter words during the past three weeks and clothing is a very difficult topic to explore since there is so much involved. We started by talking about what they were wearing in our Spanish and Portuguese Classes in South Jersey! We cut and glued some pieces into our small dolls!


They named the dolls and we did a short dialogue, depending on the level.

I wanted to share some of the vocabulary learned in Spanish Classes:

  • anorak – anorak
  • belt – cinturón
  • beret – boina
  • bikini – bikini
  • blouse – blusa
  • boots – botas
  • bowtie – pajarita
  • bra – sujetador
  • braces – tirantes
  • button – botón
  • cap – gorra
  • cardigan – rebeca
  • coat – abrigo
  • dress – vestido
  • laces – cordones
  • cufflinks – gemelos
  • diner jacket – smoking
  • dress – vestido
  • dressing-gown – bata
  • gloves – guantes
  • hat – sombrero
  • high heels- tacones altos
  • jacket – chaqueta
  • jeans – vaqueros
  • jersey – jersey
  • jumper – jersey
  • knickers – bragas
  • nightdress – camisón
  • mini-skirt – mini-falda
  • overall – mono
  • underpants – calzoncillos
  • pyjamas – pijama
  • raincoat – impermeable
  • sandals – sandalias
  • scarf – bufanda
  • shirt -camisa
  • shoes – zapatos
  • shorts – pantalones cortos
  • skirt – falda
  • slippers – zapatillas
  • socks – calcetines
  • stiletto – tacón de aguja
  • stockings – medias
  • suit – traje
  • suspender – liguero
  • sweater – jersey
  • sweatshirt – sudadera
  • swimming costume – bañador
  • “T” shirt – camiseta
  • tie – corbata
  • tights – panty
  • tracksuit – chandal
  • trousers – pantalones
  • uniform – uniforme
  • waistcoat – chaleco
  • wellingtons – botas de goma
  • zip – cremallera

Also Portuguese:

roupas – clothes

cinto – belt

passante – belt loop

fivela do cinto – buckle

boné , uma toca– baseball hat

chapéu – hat

casaco – coat

vestido – dress

luvas – gloves

lenço – handkerchief, scarf

jaqueta – jacket, windbreaker

calça jeans – jeans

calças – pants

cachecol – scarf (for winter)

camisa – shirt

sapato – shoe

pantufa – slipper

cadarço – shoelace

shorts – shorts

bermuda – shorts, or swim shorts for guys

sunga – a guy’s speedo

maiô, biquini – girls swimsuit or bikini

saia – skirt

meias – socks

terno – suit

gravata – tie

gravata borboleta – bow tie

camiseta – t-shirt, undershirt

uniforme – uniform

botão – button

óculos – glasses

óculos de sol – sunglasses

guarda-chuva – umbrella

camisola – nightgown

pijama – pijamas

bolso – pocket

bolsa – purse

sandália – sandal

chinelo – flip flop (*this is also a slang word for someone who is kind of a loser)

tênis – tennis shoes, sneakers

suéter, pulôver, agasalho – sweater

colete – vest

calcinha(f) / cueca(m) – underwear

carteira – wallet

blusa – blouse, shirt

sutiã – bra

meia-calça – panyihose

salto (do sapato) – a shoe heel

gola – collar

mangas – sleeves

alça – strap

orla – edge, border, hem (clothes)

botões – buttons

bojo – the foam padding sometinmes built into a swimsuit top or shirt

cabide – coat hanger

vasculhar – to rummage through (clothes)

We also placed clothing on frosty, I made an oversized one and they had to built it part by part, saying the name of body parts and clothing.

Second class, we did a show and tell with clothes and shoes they brought from home and winter toys! So much fun!

We used this video, they loved it! Please remember this is a video about a girl talking about her aunt and they both cow girls, so the aunt carries a gun besides describing the vocabulary, I passed that part of the video to my students!

I think bringing it close to the students, what they wear, makes a lot easier to teach such a hard subject with such a large vocabulary!

Please share how you teach your students and children about ropas, roupas, clothing!

Claudia Krusch
EasyLearn Languages Director

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