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Spring Activities

Tuesday, April 10th, 2012




Looking for new activities to do using the Spring theme, it came to me to use a mural as a backdrop after we teach the new vocabulary or verbs associated to vocabulary learned in previous years by children who have been with us for a longer period of time!

We gave them the vocabulary by talking about season changes and:

Memory Cards with words – Primavera- Spring, Nube – Cloud, Lluvia- rain, Cesped- grass, Flor- flower, Arbol- tree, Mariposa- butterfly.

We also used the book Pedro Conejito to talk about spring words

We gave them stickers and asked them to draw on our wall and table mural, depending on age, they loved it! Some of the pictures are shown here!

Try and let us know how it was, we would love to share your picture!

Today we started from ages 14m-9 year old students and I wanted to share some of the amazing results! Check it out!

Claudia Krusch

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Hungry Caterpillar in Spanish

Tuesday, March 13th, 2012

Dear Readers,

I purchased the Eric Carle’s Book! Decided to use it as inspiration for teaching fruits and introducing my Spring Class topics! Well, I started reading the book! stopped before the fruits! I told the children the oruga was hungry! She needed to shout that out, we sang: Yo ten go hambre, Yo tengo hambre! Quiero comida, quiero frutas, with hand motions and the same thing with sed ( thirsty) and quiero agua and jugo! They loved it! We learned, when we ask for food, we say por favor and gracias!

We moved to an oruga game, they needed to crawl like an oruga and eat the fruits on the other side of the room, telling me the name of each fruit they were eating.

We added a coloring page with three apples (manzanas), they would color the apples the oruga would eat and draw the oruga and tell me how many and incorporate color to the apples! They passed with flying colors! Older ones also wrote on the page and filled out with number of apples.

We ended with this video:

The children loved it and I had a blast teaching! For materials for your homeschooling session or school, please contact me privately!


Claudia Krusch

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