Valentine’s Activities in Portuguese

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I thought a lot before offering Valentine’s classes in Portuguese because Brazilian people don’t celebrate it! I decided to bring the theme and incorporate some ideas used in the Spanish class, so they would still learn the vocabulary without meaning less translations. I created a math worksheet with hearts, they learn the word heart, coração and had to add the hearts on the page, children 3 and under just had to look, count on fingers and give me the answer in Portuguese, I also made large heart inside a card and they would draw the family in it; we also  used hearts I cut out and we did the math on the rug. I also used the song beijo, Ivete San Galo to talk about Valentine words… played a tic tac toe with pictures cut where they would have to use thier piece to try to win I used pictures of hearts- coração, cupid – cupido, chocolate- chocolate, baloons-balão I explained in Brazil, Valentine’s Day is in June and it’s called the boyfriend/girlfriend’s day, it’s not for friends, but for people who are inlove, married, in a relationship.

I also used the song I love you, you love me from Barney with ages 3-5, another hit!

They loved the activities and learned Portuguese! Até a próxima!

Abraços, Claudia Krusch EasyLearn Languages CEO

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