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Easter Activities in Spanish- Happy Easter

Tuesday, March 19th, 2013

This year  our Easter season was followed by some mixed feelings when one parent asked me not to mention the word Easter in one of our classes. We normally do a class pretty low key, more towards bunnies, eggs and egg hunt, but we do have Happy Easter in all the coloring pages and her request made me think about how people have a more exclusive than inclusive mentality. It is about excluding Christian values, so the other values are respected and uplifted. Sounds like double standard to me. As a Christian, I feel insulted, as a business owner, I feel my program and its content, since it is announced beforehand, prior to enrollment, should not be subject to change for whatever reason. I believe all religions are important and should be respected, I also believe God does not have a religion and he should be the center of any and every faith.

I had to share what happened this year, which has never happened before, because I believe foreign languages should express the culture of language learned and Spanish and Christians walk hand in hand, there is no denying it!

My comments don’t have any intention to offend any of clients which are not Christians, they do offer my perspective on this issue, though. Now let’s get to the important topic! Easter!

Happy Easter – Feliz Pascua 

We started with flashcards, showing pictures and words in most of our classes in South Jersey:

Easter – Pascua    Bunny – conejo  Eggs- Huevos  Canasta – Basket  Chocolate- chocolate  Carrot- Zanahoria


We also Played the Carrot Baseball, children had to use my oversized carrot to hit the eggs on the other side of the room saying just color, huevos + color or Yo veo un huevo amarillo, depending on level.

We colored a page with bunnies in some classes and we wrote a letter to a friend saying what we like about Easter using vocabulary and me gusta…

We played domino, they loved it!

domino easter


We showed this video: Caramelo!


We absolutely had a blast looking for matches of Easter words and placing them in the canasta!

Hope you enjoyed our class and you use some of the activities at home or in your classroom!

Claudia Krusch

EasyLearn Languages – Director


Easter Activities in Spanish

Monday, March 26th, 2012

Dear Readers,

Saludos! Easter is coming up and I wanted to share suggestions on activities we are using in the classrooms in the upcoming weeks!

Numbers – Bingo and Domino using Easter pics and dots on the other side for dominoes! We made our own dominoes on card stock paper, very easy!

Colors – Color Easter Eggs and have the child tell the colors or coloring page with them and have them name the color and learn Huevos (Eggs), other useful words are Conejo (bunny), Candy (Dulce), Canasta (basket), Easter Pascua, Feliz Pascua ( Happy Easter), Zanahoria (carrot).

I also purchased an over sized blow up carrot and the children will throw circles to fit them on the carrot! Also used for colors.

I also use some songs  like los pollitos dicen and conejito an original song I created. You can find los pollitos on youtube:

I also use the book with the same name and Pedro conejito ( translation of Peter rabbit)

We are offering a free sample of one of Easter worksheets, flashcards, bingo sheets and so much more which are available for purchase at our new E-Store! Check them out at :


Claudia Krusch

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