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My favorite Christmas song

Sunday, December 2nd, 2012

I really love jingle bells, so this year, we decided to sing the song in Portuguese and Spanish! This song will be used in our classes this month, we will be using it along with a coloring page where they will color the bell, sino or cascabel and we will bring some bells for them to hunt and count! I will also bring some instruments and they will play along with them!
Hope you enjoy the activities and video!

Let’s seat and chat! – Teaching furniture the fun way

Sunday, June 3rd, 2012

This past week, we brought a very interesting approach to teaching furniture vocabulary in Spanish.

Children talked about their favorite rooms in their house, using the words learned, they also played domino and go fish with our flashcards.

They played hit or miss with a ball around the room, hitting the pictures that they could identify and watched a great video of the bear in the big blue house, welcoming them to his house!

Our coloring page was a furniture piece in different classes, coloring pages, flashcards and domino are available for sale, please contact us for sample!

We also continue using this great book!



We played tag, where children had to tag house furniture items in the room, they loved that!

Hope you enjoyed our ideas!

Claudia Krusch

CEO- EasyLearn Languages Curriculum and Program

Cinco de Mayo Activities

Thursday, May 3rd, 2012

Dear Readers,

I worked a lot to plan the activities for our cinco de mayo classes this week, because I was tired of the same old…..muy cansada! I also grabbed some special ideas to do at home, since the date is on Saturday this year!

I am using the book Fiesta, which I have used before, but with a new spin, I take them through the Mexican Village to celebrate it the old way, the way small Villages still celebrate it! Come and join us!

So we travel through small town markets, looking at toys, games, we make anillos and exchange them for the ocho anillos game! We tried 8 instruments which are shown in the book and I purchased to bring to our classes, the children loved it, the challenge was to find Spanish names for some of them, like the rain shaker! We danced around the hat using La Bamba! Last but not least we look at the piñata and I placed candy, which falls at the end of the class, but we also look at the way they are homemade and serpentinas, we review colors, numbers which are added to the social aspect of the party!

I also show this video which reviews vocabulary as they ispy the video, looking for things we talked about before, I divided them in groups, they became so competitive! You will not believe it! Increible!

I also used a coloring page made with coloring page from the web, mounted with maracas, Mexico and a sun! Viva Cinco de Mayo as a title!

I hope you enjoyed my ideas and share here if you used some of them!


Claudia Krusch

EasyLearn Languages Bilingual Mom , Foreign language Expert and CEO

Earth Day – Dia de La Tierra

Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

Dear Readers,

Researching good activities for earth day, April 22nd, I did not find out anything I really liked so I worked on some different ideas and totally outside la caja!

I think the vocabulary list should be:

Tierra – Earth, Sol- sun, Nubes- Clouds, Lluvia-Rain, Planta- Plant, Arbol- Tree, Flor-Flower and Aire- Air.

I showed some of my classes those things in their school playgrounds and they had a first hand experience of how to embrace, take care and appreciate madre tierra.

We played Pasa La Tierra game with blue and green small Plastic Balls, where they would pass the oceano y la tierra (which came from coloring page below, which they colored ocean blue and land green). They also alternated between pasa el ocean ( blue Ball) y vivo en la tierra ( green ball).

Earth Day Coloring Page

I also talked about recycling with older ones!

I showed this video:

Also have a nature board where children added some items, placed some animals on their habitat, they had a lot of fun!

Share if you like our activities and if you use at home or in your classroom!  Your opinion is very important to us!

Claudia Krusch

EasyLearn Languages


Easter Activities in Spanish

Monday, March 26th, 2012

Dear Readers,

Saludos! Easter is coming up and I wanted to share suggestions on activities we are using in the classrooms in the upcoming weeks!

Numbers – Bingo and Domino using Easter pics and dots on the other side for dominoes! We made our own dominoes on card stock paper, very easy!

Colors – Color Easter Eggs and have the child tell the colors or coloring page with them and have them name the color and learn Huevos (Eggs), other useful words are Conejo (bunny), Candy (Dulce), Canasta (basket), Easter Pascua, Feliz Pascua ( Happy Easter), Zanahoria (carrot).

I also purchased an over sized blow up carrot and the children will throw circles to fit them on the carrot! Also used for colors.

I also use some songs  like los pollitos dicen and conejito an original song I created. You can find los pollitos on youtube:

I also use the book with the same name and Pedro conejito ( translation of Peter rabbit)

We are offering a free sample of one of Easter worksheets, flashcards, bingo sheets and so much more which are available for purchase at our new E-Store! Check them out at :


Claudia Krusch

Easylearn Languages

Hungry Caterpillar in Spanish

Tuesday, March 13th, 2012

Dear Readers,

I purchased the Eric Carle’s Book! Decided to use it as inspiration for teaching fruits and introducing my Spring Class topics! Well, I started reading the book! stopped before the fruits! I told the children the oruga was hungry! She needed to shout that out, we sang: Yo ten go hambre, Yo tengo hambre! Quiero comida, quiero frutas, with hand motions and the same thing with sed ( thirsty) and quiero agua and jugo! They loved it! We learned, when we ask for food, we say por favor and gracias!

We moved to an oruga game, they needed to crawl like an oruga and eat the fruits on the other side of the room, telling me the name of each fruit they were eating.

We added a coloring page with three apples (manzanas), they would color the apples the oruga would eat and draw the oruga and tell me how many and incorporate color to the apples! They passed with flying colors! Older ones also wrote on the page and filled out with number of apples.

We ended with this video:

The children loved it and I had a blast teaching! For materials for your homeschooling session or school, please contact me privately!


Claudia Krusch

EasyLearn Languages



Winter activities – Spanish Fun

Monday, January 23rd, 2012

Suffering with cabin fever? Oh no! I wanted to share some of the activities we are currently using in the classroom with you to help you beat the winter and bring the fun inside your classroom or home!The first topic I wanted to share with you is the house!

We share the basic house vocab:

House – Casa        Cuarto- bedroom   Sala – living room     Cocina – kitchen  Baño – bathroom

Table – mesa        Chair- silla                Sofa – sofá          Bed – cama

We used flashcards to show the vocabulary, made into a memory game! Children all ages love memory games!

We sing the House rap ©  Claudia Krusch (pointing to the parts of the house, the children love it!)

La casa, la casa, la casa tiene un piso, un piso, un piso, la casa tiene un piso

La casa, la casa, la casa tiene una puerta, una puerta, una puerta, la casa tiene una puerta

que abre y cierra, que abre y cierra, la casa tiene una puerta

La casa, la casa, la casa tiene una ventana, ventana,  ventana, la casa tiene una ventana

La casa, la casa, la casa tiene un techo, un techo, un techo, la casa tiene un techo

Casa Tag- they will tag the part of the house, after you say the name, I give rewards for each correct answer.

Doll House Fun – even the boys have fun, because I brought some legos and we populated the house, they needed to place the doll or lego in a room and tell me the name of the room! Sooo much fun!

Legos were also used to build the favorite room of the house. Below are some pics of the amazing job they did!

We add the winter vocabulary and placed cotton and fake rain the “house” coloring page we used!

One of the students who is 6 worked on so many details in the room, it looked like an architect did it! Children never cease to amaze me!

lego house 1lego house 3lego house 2


Hope you enjoyed our activities and that you will use them and share your experience here on our blog!

Claudia Krusch

EasyLearn Languages






Spring in Spanish

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011

Dear Readers,

This month we decided to bring our Spring activities to the next level!

Children started this week, by contrasting the differences between winter and spring and singing a song about weather….we make hand motions and sing about lluvia(rain), sol (sun), viento ( wind) y nubens( clouds). We read a book called Primavera and they saw the trees with leaves and the bugs and birds who came back!

We also did a coloring page with  a Mariposa ( butterfly) and a flor ( flower) and the kids would color and draw on the worksheet. You can easily make it at home with coloring page drawings.

I bought a collection of bugs and bug cat and nets and we went bug hunting, saying the name of the bug, color and comparing sizes.

Off course if you child never had Spanish before and you are starting, I would recommend just doing colors for now…..

I made a memory game with pictures of bugs and they had to match and say the name of the insect, Mariquita( lady bug), Escarabajo ( beetle), mariposa ( butterfly), abeja ( bee), saltamontes ( grasshopper).

I will be happy to answer questions and send the worksheet, if you wish to have it at home!


Claudia Krusch

EasyLearn Languages CEO

No cabin fever when you have Spanish!

Sunday, January 9th, 2011

Dear Readers,

While cooking up new ideas to offer our students this winter, our team came up with a snow man themed class, where children will learn/review body parts using frosty!

Activities involved are Frosty coloring page, place body parts on frosty on the wall, throw snow balls(white balls) at frosty and tell the body parts where it was hit, read a winter book and watch frosty the snowman video:

Body Parts in Spanish:

arm — el brazo
back — la espalda
backbone — la columna vertebral
breast, chest — el pecho
calf — la pantorrilla
ear — el oído, la oreja
elbow — el codo
eye — el ojo
finger — el dedo
foot — el pie
hair — el pelo
hand — la mano
head — la cabeza
heart — el corazón
hip — la cadera
intestine — el intestino
knee — la rodilla
leg — la pierna
mouth — la boca
muscle — el músculo
neck — el cuello
nose — la nariz
shoulder — el hombro
skin — la piel
stomach (abdomen) — el vientre
stomach (internal organ) — el estómago
thigh — el muslo
throat — la garganta
toe — el dedo (See Note 1)
tongue — la lengua
tooth — el diente

We also cooked up some other new ideas which I will be sharing week by week. The materials listed on this post are available on our membership portion of this site.  Those activities hopefully motivate you to bring Spanish to your home/class using innovative techniques chasing away cabin fever mood!


Claudia Krusch

Easylearn languages CEO

New activities on holidays in Portuguese and Spanish

Wednesday, December 15th, 2010

Dear Members,

I wanted to share some of my experiences in the past week with children in our Spanish and Portuguese classes!

Some interesting things happened when we asked children to make a lista de presentes or lista de regalos (gift list), one of our students told me that he didn’t need anything, he had everything and asked me how you say that in Spanish! Another student had a 20 item list and we spent the whole class, trying to have him say the gifts in Spanish….off course they came up with fuzzoodles, zuzu pets and other wierd names….I used my imagination to help them say those things in Spanish and Portuguese!

We also brought some cookies and had them decorate the cookies and place things on Santa’s plate (prato de papai noel/plato de papá noel). We also did a craft with cookies, chocolate and milk. We placed a plate on a coloring page, children cut the cookies, candy and candy cane and glued and colored it.

I also share with children that candy canes are not a Christmas treat in South America, gifts are placed in shoes on the windows in many countries and no real trees, just plastic ones! Weather is warm in South America, so people eat lighter meals!

I hope that brought more ideas to parents and educators on how to share holidays with children using a foreign language!

Merry Christmas!

Claudia Krusch

Easylearn Languages CEO

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