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Taking bilingual love out of your comfort zone

Monday, April 8th, 2013

lu and I

I have basically used and tried any strategy to help my son grow up bilingual, making it fun, a part of our lives! Showing him pride in being a latino, love for foreign languages, culture and all they represent, embracing who he is and knows, along with the new elements, the new words, a whole new world! 

If tell you it has been an easy task, I would be lying, but I would not trade nor would do anything different! 

My son is growing and the foreign languages are slowly becoming something mom brings and does, more than a part of his life, something disconnected….since my lack of time and my husband’s lack of foreign language knowledge add obstacles to my life goal to raise a bilingual child! 

I was reading some of my friend’s facebook pages and came across a friend, Ana Flores who is sponsoring a child abroad and went to visit that child! I was inspired by that story and decided to do some research to sponsor a child and make it a fun and inspiring bond between my son and another child who lives and breathes the language and culture I teach and talk about! 

I have found some organizations:

I am still research, therefore don’t endorse or recommend any organizations at this time. We are going to spend the next two weeks looking at faces, reading info and deciding who we will sponsor, write to, share care packages, etc! He is very excited, so am I! My goal is to embrace the organization and promote it in our bilingual events! 

My husband recently retired, so when I shared my idea with some friends, they thought I was crazy since our income decreased to even consider this right now! I replied, I walk in faith, not in fear! I believe this is something my son and I need to do together and it will amazing for both of us and specially for the child who will benefit from it! 

I hope sponsoring a child will bring more love for foreign languages, for another culture, will develop friendship and compassion in my son’s heart and move him from associating bilingual time with mommy as his only foreign language memories at home to a place out of his comfort zone where the curiosity and love will lead him in a whole new journey! We even started talking about him blogging about his new friend and making vlogs! 

I will be updating our journey as we move forward! 

Can’t wait to share more news with you! 

Claudia Krusch

EasyLearn Languages Director 


Italian for children- a new chalenge to be conquered

Friday, October 16th, 2009

We recently received an overwhelming amount of calls asking for Italian classes for children! We are happy to announce that we will be offering two new classes starting October 27th, 4pm for ages 3-5 and 6-9.

We are fortunate to have a native speaker teaching the classes at our West Deptford location, bringing South Italian flair to our award winning children’s program.

Parents are also taking classes with their children as a new way to interact and have fun together. We currently have 6 families taking the Parents and Mommy and Me classes with us.

When parents realize the importance of introducing a foreign language to a child in early age, they open the doors to a new world of possibilities! Yesterday a mom said, Nathan has been taking Spanish classes since he was two and now he is interested in starting a second language! That always amazes me! Especially because Nathan is one of the students who demonstrate the highest rate of retaining the information received. So maybe I will be teaching him Portuguese as well in a near future!

Please post your comments, experiences with second language teaching and learning. I would love to hear your comments and questions!


Claudia Krusch

Easylearn Programs Director

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