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Shapes, Technology and Body Parts

Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

Dear Readers,

We decided to do our technology unit using robots, gadgets and more! I’m so excited, because I am a tech person! We are starting the vocab this week with shapes which were described on the last post and following with robot week! We will build a robot! using shapes and body parts vocabulary to make the robot!

I have decided to use, construction paper, aluminum foil, paint and elmer’s glue on a tissue paper roll to make our robots! Can’t wait to see how cool they will turn out!

Body parts used to build our robot are: cara- face, nariz – nose, boca-mouth, brazos- arms, piernas – legs, ojos- eyes, cabeza- head – vocabulary listed in Spanish!

Try the craft at home and share how much fun you had with your child!


Claudia Krusch

Easylearn Languages

Shapes and technology

Friday, February 17th, 2012

Dear Readers,

I was looking for a fun new way to bring shapes to our classrooms and I was hit by a technology wave when I looked at a robot made out of tissue roll tube….I decided he would be the centerpiece of our class!

We start by learning shapes, then selecting shapes which will go on our robot, we will paint and glue shapes on our robot and place arms and the antenna is a glued toothpick. Can’t wait to see all the amazing robots!

Then we will use a scale I have and balance shapes, telling what shapes, colors and which side is higher and lower for the more advanced classes!

A Larger scale picture of the robot placed on the wall will serve as background while children take turns finishing that robot with shapes for body parts!!

Classes are perfect for children 4 and older!  I can’t wait to start!

If you are planning on doing some of those activities at home, here is a list of Spanish shapes: circulo, rectangulo, cuadrado, triangulo, estrella, rombo!


Claudia Krusch

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