Eas y Learn Programs are designed to be fun and educational. Our Program combines the best of many Children’s Spanish Programs offered in the market. The Fruit of intense research, classroom experience and experimenting with my own child, helped me understand and live the joy and obstacles of raising a bilingual child. My choice to extend other languages to my own child comes from the fact that I’m not a native English speaker. It also comes from my experiences with 4 different languages, my education and research background – all of these combined revealed the amazing discovery of the infinite benefit of sharing this with my child.

It is well known that the learning process happens in different ways, for each individual, but it can be categorized in basically a few learning channels through sight, audio/music, motor/movement or methodically.

Our goal is not to rush a child or force the second language instruction, but to provide the tools for bilingual instruction, using music, movement, reading, speaking and creativity – all the learning devices, so that the child can focus on his own. At an early age, most of this happens through vocabulary and repetition.

We use a combination of the best educator/classroom tested products, which offer the best skills in each respective area.

As a mother of a toddler, a speaker of four languages, a linguistics student and researcher, teaching a second or third language has always been one of my goals.

Picture cards, objects, music, instruments, puppets and two characters, (Maria and Pedro) and their puppy (Lilo) will guide your child through the magical adventure of exploring a second language.

New sounds, colors, numbers and songs are introduced as the child navigates through the vocabulary which will increase, class after class.

We encourage your institution to use famous cartoons such as Dora, Diego, Dragon Tales, Handy Manny and Maya and Miguel to be a part of your classes to help the child associate Spanish with fun. Tips on episodes will be included on some Lesson Plans.

Visual Techniques for infants, Activity books (ages 2 and up), Picture Cards, Objects, Puppets and much more offer diversity which will capture the child’s short attention span. This will be progressing to coloring books, puzzles and other hands-on activities, which will become the age appropriate tool to motivate the child to revisit the material learned when coloring pages, exploring mazes, playing with picture games, etc.

We are a member of the following organizations:

ACTFL – American Council of Teachers of Foreign Languages

FLENJ – Foreign Language Educators of New Jersey

NNELL – National Network for Early Language Learning