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Born and raised in Brazil , I started learning foreign languages at the age of 8, when my father gave me a wisdom lesson: “My legacy to you and your siblings is not money, the most important legacy a parent can give is education”. He provided very expensive private English lessons, followed by German and later Spanish. Embracing my love for languages, I graduated valedictorian at UNIFACS University , an equivalent to a BA in the United States, which allowed me to teach both ESL (English as a Second Language) and Portuguese with a special emphasis in Translation. I also worked in Linguistics Research while at UNIFACS, which helped me build the solid foundation that has enabled the accomplishment of making this program.

I realized the need for a fun method of teaching a foreign language early on, but only later did I develop an interest for the subject. This occurred when my own child was in front of me and the challenge of raising a bilingual child arose. After books, programs, music and other attempts, I noticed he responded better to fun activities, not structured ones…..this lesson guided me while developing this program which was created to bring the joy of having a new experience and learning a second language together.

I hope to be able to meet your expectations and please feel free to contact me to share your thoughts or concerns.

¡Bienvenido a EasyLearn!

Claudia Krusch

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Mom and Foreign Language teacher at EasyLearn Languages, the author is a blogger and active member of South Jersey and Latino blogging groups.

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